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            • R & D engineering

              R & D engineering

              Every design condenses wisdom and inspiration; every improvement is devoted to sweat and effort. From wireless charging, car accessories, mobile power, and all kinds of data charging cables;

            • Precision injection mold

              Precision injection mold

              The precision mold manufacturing and injection workshop in the industrial park has 10 MAKINO and Fanuc machining centers, 3 SEIBU slow-moving wires, and 10 MAKINO spark machines.

            • Leather goods manufacturing

              Leather goods manufacturing

              The leather goods manufacturing workshop has 12 production lines, including 50 electric machines and 60 sewing machines. It can produce more than 1 million pieces of various high, medium and low-grade……

            • Precision assembly

              Precision assembly

              The precision and intelligent electronic product assembly department has SMT workshops, 10 automated product assembly production lines, sophisticated automated testing equipment, and three clean packa……

            • product testing

              product testing

              The company strictly abides by relevant laws, regulations and other requirements on quality, environment, occupational health and safety, and serves customers steadily in line with the business philos……

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