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            2016 T&F Spring Festival Gala

            On the evening of January 30, 2016, T&F's Spring Festival Gala was held in Jinxiu Salou. All T&F employees, senior leaders and important guests of T&F gathered together to watch the performance.

            The opening dance <My Brothers and Sisters> kicked off the party, and then the general manager of T&F gave the opening speech for the party. The general manager pointed out that looking back on the past year, the company insisted on "people-oriented, quality first, and innovation". Philosophy, overcome difficulties, the company is one mind, and strive for a better future for the company.

            All programs of this evening show were written, directed and acted by the company's employees. There were wonderful songs, passionate dances, humorous sitcoms and other programs, with climaxes, applause, and cheers. The evening party also features There are many prizes in the lottery, and the lucky ones can get high prizes. This is T&F's most sincere rebate to every employee. It is precisely because of the hard work of these employees that T&F can achieve current achievements in the industry. I believe that under the leadership of the company’s leadership and the hard work of all employees, T&F’s tomorrow will be better, and the party will finally be a wonderful dance performance. <Blue and White Porcelain> successfully concluded.

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